Co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund​

The Exhibition

The primary goal of the exhibition design is to achieve a high quality experience for the visitors, creating the context that enables the exploration of innovative philosophical questions. In this respect the participation and engagement of the visitor is essential. For this reason, the exhibition space has been structured in such a way as to form an experience for visitors, taking into account that philosophy, in antiquity, was not just a process of reflection but also a way of life.

The first pilot exhibitions that will be created during the project concern the concept of democracy and the relevant philosophical ideas. By analogy, visitors to the exhibition space will not simply think, nor will they passively receive information. They will make conscious decisions, vote, discuss, explore, challenge and actively participate, both physically and mentally.

Motivation Space

Visitors start their tour from the motivation space, which is the first level of “initiation” in the theme of the exhibition. Visitors receive the first mental stimuli and their choices in this space will determine their subsequent tour. They question stereotypical ideas concerning the theme of the exhibition and they come across the central questions that will guide them in the rest of the visit.

Exploration Space

As they continue, visitors enter the exploration space. In this space, exhibits require the visitor’s active participation through voting, problem solving, mental exercises, collaboration, discussions and choices that produce specific results. Visitors experience first-hand the critical questions posed by the ancient Greek philosophers.

Reflection Space

Finally, the visitors end up in the space of reflection, where they reflect on the experiences they had in the previous spaces. This space includes a smart wall and a small amphitheater capable of accommodating small groups of visitors. Here, visitors are faced with problems and issues of the present day, through the prism of previous philosophical questions, and are called upon to make decisions.